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Dangerous Creature - Poetry

I saw a figure clad in white

Walking down the street one day.

Her sublime beauty – what a sight!

A heaven’s pureness; no hint of gray.

As the days passed I saw her more,

Gliding gracefully around the town.

I watched her skate around the stores,

Shimmering in her elegant gown.

And whenever I sat down to eat,

She’d twinkle at the corner of my eye:

A gorgeous creature from head to feet;

Maybe I could be too, were I to try?

So, I learned to push my plate aside,

And let her teach me how to shine.

Yet she seemed to hold no sense of pride -

Oh, how I wish her life were mine!

And when I was alone in the dark,

It was she who helped me again to see,

And grab my own internal spark.

One day she came and sat by me,

Singing, ‘Come hither into Ana’s arms,

I’ll lull you to a dreamless sleep.

I’ll keep you safe, protect from harm.’

But all I did was weep and weep.

And she never let me from her grasp,

For all I did try to control.

All skin and bone, I sit and clasp,

Waiting for the death knell toll.

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