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Dinner? - Poetry

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

From the dark I stumbled, into the light

Radiating from your being.

Basking in your company, one summer’s night;

Could oracles have told it would be this freeing?

How do I fathom but a single word

That could paint the scene that played?

The sounds of two souls finally heard

For the first time – no stutter, not delayed.

For I could watch a thousand moons go by,

Listening to the worlds within your head.

For I could sit and stare and view the sky

As it fades from black to red.

Though friends, just strangers we are in true,

For I could never say what plagues your soul.

Though pray I do to think of you,

And the infinite galaxies left untold.

To the great Mother I beg for the wisdom,

That I may know the river from the tree.

I must take this chance. For when it’s done,

Whatever is meant to be, will be.

Now the trials begin at last,

And with each parable I try my best

To appeal to the heart behind the mask,

And pray one day you may say ‘yes.’

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