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I Wrote a Book!

Happy… Tuesday, everyone!

(Wow, that was more uncomfortable to type than I thought it would be.)

My apologies for this post being a day late – my plan was to do my usual Monday blog, but I was, annoyingly, unable to write yesterday, as I ended up being prevented from doing so due to seizure activity. However, I didn’t want to wait until next Monday to write this post, as I have some exciting news to share – I wrote a book!

My new book The Act of Constant Drowning: A Journey Through the Waves of Physical and Mental Health is available on Amazon for pre-order now! Currently, it is only available in eBook format for Kindle devices and apps, but I do hope to have a print version out, as well – I’m just waiting on the proof to arrive so that I can see what changes may need to be made.

The book will be launched on July 30th, which also happens to be International Friendship Day. The reason I chose this day for the book launch is due to the fact that human connection really is core to my book and many of the experiences that I discuss throughout. I think it’s important to recognize that we are all people on this Earth, and to have a shout-out to all the wonderful friend and family relationships that we build with one another, especially those who become family by love and are able to support us through our darkest days.

I also like this day because (although not officially related) the values of unity and camaraderie – as well as the very name of ‘Friendship Day’ – link, in my mind, back to my Quaker beliefs and the Society of Friends, and create a wonderful sense of peace and community.

If this sounds like something that might be of interest, you can find it on:

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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