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The Ballad of Matilda - Poetry

I shall tell you a story

Of a girl I once knew,

An interesting girl;

Unlike me, unlike you.

She had a brain like a globe,

And eyes like the sea:

With a moderate touch

Of whirling insanity.

One day she left

With a wave of her hand;

She had somewhere to go –

A far away land.

A voyage she'd planned,

And what adventures she'd had.

In this wonderful world,

What could ever go bad?

But there was one thing,

Which had slipped her mind,

Something important…

Could she have been so blind?

The animals there were wild and free,

Stalking around all over the place;

One moment dormant,

The next, giving the chase.

Around her the animals howled:

The snakes only hissed,

But behind she heard a growl,

And saw a tiger in her midst.

Oh, but this girl –

Battle strength was her name –

Had no fear of fighting,

And would claim the fame.

Alas, for the tiger,

This girl was no match.

And it gobbled her up

In one swift catch.

But this girl was friends

With more than just Molly,

And when she was caught,

She was totally trolleyed.

It would seem that this tiger

Had this time out lucked.

And by the end of the day,

He was totally fucked.

And there ends the story

Of the girl I once knew.

So, learn to be cautious,

Or, next time, it could be you!

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