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The Power of a Picture*

Happy Monday, everyone!

As someone who spends a lot of time on my laptop, I get very picky about my desktop background. I actually don’t change my background very often, but I find that when I do, it tends to hold some reflection of my mood.

I’ve noticed that, over the last few years, the main contender in the ‘Desktop Background Game’ has generally been some sort of beautifully haunting landscape scene. I think the reason for this is quite simply because scenes like this are a pretty accurate representation of what the world within my head looks like: dark forests and mountain passes, enveloped in mist and snow, with slim glimpses of light striking the surface of winding rivers and stormy seas.

It gives me pleasure to look at these things of dark beauty because they strike some sort of cord within my soul, and it gives me a degree of calm to see these landscapes in skilled photography.

But this time last year, I changed my background picture to something that was totally new for me – an artsy, drawing-like, mish-mash of patterns and colors that came across as very homestyle, the center of which featured a large love heart with the words, ‘You are enough,’ scrawled across it in cursive font.

This wasn’t a very me thing to do, but the reason for it was that I had just experienced something that considerably changed my mindset in a very positive way. Although I came to outgrow that specific image and did revert back to a black and white forest landscape, the changes that took place last year planted seeds in my brain, which have come to grow and evolve as time has passed.

Then, just a few months ago, it was as if these seeds began to bloom in such a way that became more noticeable, even though I did, at times, forget they were there and couldn’t always grasp the new beauty that they were bringing to my life. At this point, I felt the need to change the picture again, because it was as if my brain was beginning to turn away from the darkness and wanted to seek new light.

So, the black and white haunting forest and beckoning river was replaced by a very bright, colorful, and warm view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the sunshine. This image also strikes my soul, but in a different way, with a different meaning, and acts as a reminder of all the bright, and good, and golden things that I have in my life. Every time I see this picture (which is a lot, considering that I spend a decent 90% of my time on my laptop), I remember all the wonderful things I have experienced, and I smile.

It may only be a picture, but the positivity that it brings to my mind on a daily basis is strangely powerful, and it helps keep my mind in a happy and safe place.

*edited repost from original website

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